Technical data

IRENE’S MARIONETTES creates all its productions based on a series of quality and efficiency parameters that drive it to use in all its equipment brands of acknowledged reliability.

  • Spectacular complete lighting accompanied by the latest LED technology.
  • Special lighting effects:
Black light and stroboscopic light.
Special effects:
  • Smoke, bubbles, fire. Amplifier with a pre-amplified table stand. High quality stereo with a Sound Craft of the ten-channel series. 
  • Electro-Voice sound towers 8 ohms- 300 watts for two channels.
IRENE’S MARIONETTES theatre is built based on the “flat bridge” technique and its dimensions are:
4 meters wide
3 meters deep 
2.5 meters tall
IRENE’S MARIONETTES makes, for each of its productions, scenographies which curtains are hand-painted. Fluorescent paints are used in order to perform with the “black theatre technique”. For all of its productions, IRENE’S MARIONETTES makes unique marionettes, carved in wood paste. Their approximate dimensions go from 75 cm tall to 110 cm tall.