RENE’S MARIONETTES, marionettes theatre company, personifies children’s dream of continually having fun through situations that brings them happiness, mystery, adventure and magic. When the company formed, at the end of the 60s, they immediately conquered the audience's heart and imagination, first in Latin America and then in Europe.
To develop this innovative and attractive concept, the company’s artists revisited the attributes of
classical theatre and combined them with an amazing range of modern techniques.
Their bold design rendered obsolete the previously established concepts about expression, size and movement. From then on, IRENE’S MARIONETTES, have been a reference point used when judging any other show.

Nowadays, more than 5.000 performances have been seen all around the world by more than 2 million children who, if we were to make them joined hands, would go around the world one and half times.
Moreover, IRENE’S MARIONETTES established the standards of movement for other companies thanks to being the first marionettes theatre company designed according to the revolutionary technique of the “flat bridge.
However, this history of success hasn’t been enough for our designers who wanted that the audience enjoyed as much as they did with the show and for that purpose they added and extra doses of fun.
The theatre company, IRENE’S MARIONETTES was created in 1968, in Argentina, by her current director, IRENE MELFI. In 1980 she moves to Spain and performs at:
Open Air Comedy Theatre, Almagro, 1982
Lope de Vega Theatre, Seville, 1982
Manuel de Falla Auditorium, Granada, 1980 – 1982
International Puppet Festival , Zaragoza, 1983
International Puppet Festival, Dresden, 1984
International Puppet Festival, Bilbao, 1990
Cuenca Auditorium, 1998
Printemps des Comediens, Montpellier, 1999
Apollo Theatre, Almeria, 2000
Caja Rural Auditorium, Granada, 2000
Jaca Auditorium, 2003
Sagrada Familia Auditorium, Madrid, 2003
Palacio del Infantado , Guadalajara, 2005
Pimentel Palace, Valladolid, 2005
Caja Duero Auditorium, Ávila, 2005
Ginés- Carlet Theatre, 2006
Alcazar- Plasencia Theatre, 2006
Theatre José Tamayo, Granada, 2006
Liceo – Baena Theatre, 2006
Aspe Municipal Theatre ,2007
Municipal Auditorium, Arévalo, 2007
Main Theatre , Chipiona, 2007
Municipal Theatre, Utrera, 2007
Municipal Auditorium, El Casar, 2008
Cultural Centre, Guadarrama, 2008
Cultural Consortium, Albacete, 2008
Besteiro Cultural Centre, Leganes, 2008
Philharmonic Society, Altea A, 2008
Zaidin Civic Centre, Granada, 2009

San Blas Cultural Centre, Madrid, 2009
Performing at Honourable County Councils, Autonomous Communities, Savings Banks, Town halls, Conservatories and Schools of Music, they have travel throughout the country spreading the marionettes technique with one-meter-tall marionettes operated from above. 
Thanks to the pedagogic attention that IRENE’S MARIONETTES have given to all of its shows, it has received a warm welcome by several teaching programs of various orchestras and municipal bands. Some examples of these shows are “Mozart: a Prodigious Child” and “Peter and the Wolf”
In over 40 years of professional work they have received the approval of the audience, as well as that of the specialized critics